AP life hacks to help you work smarter

Continuous improvement is a cornerstone at Medius, and we want to ensure you take advantage of all we have to offer. With a constant rollout of new features, sometimes old gems get lost.

Work smarter and increase automation​

To help you reduce time on manual tasks and increase automation, we put the spotlight on three features you really should consider. Listen to Erik Rökaas, Director of Customer Success, briefly introduce these AP life hacks in the video above and then check out the details below. Everything can be configured on your own, so why not dive in and continue the journey.

3 features to help you work smarter - today!

Supplier Responsible

Remove manual approval routing to increase automation

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Accounting Templates

Stop manually entering accounting codes for common accounting distributions

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Document Validation Rules

Prevent wasting time on unnecessary reviews

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A bonus AP Life Hack for this summer...

Set up Temporary Delegation to ensure invoices are approved and processed in time while people are off on vacation.

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