AP life hacks to help you work smarter.

Making life easier for approvers

With the holidays around the corner, we’re all rushing to get through our day-to-day so we can relax before ringing in the new year - and put this one to rest! We’ve got three tips that keep invoice processing running at speed during the holidays. Lucille Smith, a Medius Project Manager and former AP Manager, will highlight three easy tips for business users to quickly do their tasks in Medius and approving invoices on the go.

3 features that can help you work smarter - today!

Temporary delegation

Before you head out for the holidays, make sure you have a plan to keep everything moving.

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Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly move around Medius without the constraints of the “click.”

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Mobile approval

Medius has a responsive mobile friendly version that allows you to access, authorize, and comment on your documents while on the go.

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